AA - my roomMy day job as publisher at TONEAudio magazine affords me the luxury of two dedicated listening rooms with clean power and an acoustically treated space to evaluate components, some with an MSRP close to my house. It’s a fun job, but when I’m working on articles for The Audiophile Apartment, chances are I’m right here, typing away on the couch or at the kitchen table. And as I now live in a smaller space and need to integrate my hifi system into my home, where it has to coexist with everything else, I face the same challenges you do.

We’d like to showcase your rooms, systems and record collections in this section of the site. So just like in high school speech class, I’ll go first to get the anxiety out of the way. My home system is a combination of new and old pieces. My personal home turntable is a vintage Technics SL-1200, upgraded with a Rega RB600 tonearm and Rega Exact cartridge. This is fed into a Rega Aria phono preamplifier and then into the Simaudio NEO 430HA. It functions as a preamplifier, DAC and headphone amplifier – handy when my wife is asleep and I still want to enjoy music.

The anchor of the system is vintage all the way, featuring an early 80s vintage SAE2200 power amplifier which was lovingly rebuilt by Ken Easley (and he did me a major solid, replacing the factory red LED power indicators with lime green ones!!) and a pair of Acoustat 1+1 speakers that were also rebuilt with new capacitors, wires and jacks. They still sound as good as they did 35 years ago. I know, I had a pair back then! Low bass is reproduced with a REL S/2 subwoofer that tucks in neatly between the couch and chair. Finally the whole thing is cabled together with Frey interconnects, power cords and speaker cables from Nordost, plugged into the wall via an IsoTek power strip. We will be featuring reviews on the current products very soon as we populate this site.

My home system is incredibly musical and with 9 1/2 foot ceilings, the nearly 8 foot tall Acoustats actually blend right in to the modern space. A few discreetly placed 242 acoustic panels from GIK Acoustics break up the rear reflections from the giant panels. It’s been really fun to revisit a pair of speakers that I owned in the 80s that still sound fantastic today.

As someone who just can’t stop playing with their hifi system, you’ll be seeing more reviews from right here…

11 Year Old Miranda Spinnin’ Records

Miranda Song is 11 years old and has a ton of insight and enthusiasm. She’s a third generation audiophile; her mom, Kathleen Thomas is a VP at AudioQuest, who grew up in her parents hifi shop as a youngster. It doesn’t get any cooler than that. While she doesn’t have an apartment of her own yet, her mom has helped her put a killer system together to start her on the right path. We look forward to hearing more from Miranda in the future.




Hi my name is Miranda and I am 11 years old. I was told that I should write about the experience of owning a record player as a young person. I like lots of old things; especially music, TV shows and stuff from the 90’s (old to me). So when I heard my mom was getting a record player I was ecstatic! Music has always been a big part of my life, and I love to find new songs all the time. Tidal helps me with that because who has enough money to buy a lot of songs? I am 11!, then I can buy a record of my long lasting obsessions.

I also have been learning about lots of hifi stuff; like how records actually work and how speakers pressurize the air to make noise. I also learned how cartridges work, and the different types of turntables. I have a DJ turntable (Pioneer PLX-1000) and cartridge (Shure M44-7). I also like to buy records because I get worried that there might be no more records after a while if people just listen to music on their phones. It also makes a fun day out, and if you have good speakers you can hear a lot of things that you haven’t heard before, like some speakers have great bass, others do other things well.


Like many of you I like a wide variety of music; dubstep, heavy metal, alternative, and more. I’ve just bought my first two records, one by Linkin Park and one by Imagine Dragons, but I plan on buying a lot more. I encourage kids to get into hifi things because its cool seeing all of the parts work together to make a big thing that makes great sound. If you get really well educated you can apply for a job  in the audio industry and get a lot of free hifi stuff! You can also teach people different things about speakers (and you look smart when you walk into a home and you know things about people’s hifi).

I really like my record player, so I’ve attached a few pictures of my room and system for you. I hope you get your kids into records and record shopping, it’s a great thing to do.  -Miranda Song