Maximize Your Space With a Wall Shelf (or two)

aa-shelfLiving with a music system in a small space can often make for some interesting compromises, and once you start assembling a system, it seems as if there is never enough space.

Add wobbly floors to the mix, and listening to records can really become a nightmare – though it may make you really light on your feet, to eliminate the tonearm jumping around. Springy floors or not, getting a couple of components up off the floor can help minimize your systems footprint.

We’ve had excellent results with SolidSteel shelves (like the one pictured here) easily available at Music Direct.

The amount of weight you plan on hanging from the wall will determine how you mount one of these. The shelf featured here offers three mounting holes across the top and bottom rail. If possible, try to get the middle mounting hole anchored solidly to a 2 x 4. If you don’t have one, get your hands on a stud finder like this one from Home Depot or Amazon. It will set you back about $20. Don’t forget to grab a battery while you’re at it!

With the middle mounting hole firmly anchored to the stud, I still suggest maximum reinforcement. Use 75 pound wall anchors on the four remaining mounting holes and you should be able to sit on this platform, so it should hold a pair of substantial turntables, or a turntable and phono stage with ease.