An Introduction: Why this column?

Hi there. I’m Jeff Dorgay, founder of this site, and TONEAudio Magazine. Though I’ve been writing about hifi for about 15 years now, I’ve been an audio enthusiast and record collector since I was about 14. The first record I bought back in 1974 was Edgar Winter’s They Only Come Out At Night. 

Honestly, I can’t remember the second record I bought, but from that moment I was hooked and have been buying records ever since. The question that wives, girlfriends and friends have always asked is “Are you ever going to listen to all of those records?” The answer is yes, kind of. I cut my collection down from about 7,500 LP’s to about 2,500 last year, because there were a number of albums that I wasn’t listening to in any regular order and decided that after cataloging them, most were available on Tidal.

So, doing the Zen thing, I wanted to pass that vinyl on to a generation that would make more use of said records than I was. And after all, 7,500 records take up a lot of space! But I know in the grand scheme of things, even 7,500 albums is a pittance compared to some of the collections I’ve seen. Nonetheless, I keep buying more, but with the advent of Tidal, it’s not like back in the 70s and 80s where you came home from the record store with ten albums and five of them sucked. Though I buy less vinyl than I used to, they are almost all keepers these days. With the current price of records, this is truly a good thing.

But back to my quest. After hearing people ask me the same damn question for decades, I AM going to listen to them all. Fortunately with my job, being what it is, I’m listening to records all the time anyway, so I am now going to make it a point to listen to an album in my collection from start to finish at least a few times per week, and eventually get to one a day. We’ll start with a written column, but I hope this will go to video sooner rather than later.

This will not be a record review column. We do that over at TONEAudio, and you can click on this link to get you there. It is merely a journal of a man on a mission, so that years from now when someone asks me if I’ve listened to “all of those records” I can say “yes I have.” So, won’t you join me? There might be a few you don’t know about or would like to comment on. I’ll do my best to give you a TIDAL link to stream in the event that this is a new discovery.

Thank you for tuning in,