The Rolling Stones – Blue and Lonesome

With all those records on the shelf, why buy more? But I do. So why not start the column with one of the most recent records purchased? I must admit that I’m neither a big blues fan nor even a big Stones fan, though I find myself warming up to their true genius the older I get.

However, I’m always willing to give a band one more chance and while the last couple of Rolling Stones records have been arguably weak, these guys are on fire with this record. Anyone who’s read even a few articles or seen more than one interview with the Stones, knows these guys love the blues – it really was the impetus for them forming the band over 50 years ago. So when I heard that they were doing an entire album of some of their favorite tunes, I had a hunch it would be exciting.

So give this one a spin, whether you like the Stones or not. The energy put forward on this record is infectious. Richards, Jagger and company play their asses off on this record, and in a Rolling Stone interview, rhythm guitarist Ronnie Wood said “his fingers were bleeding, seriously” from playing on this record. The respect paid to the genre is outstanding.

From a sound quality standpoint, the actual 2 record LP set isn’t fantastic, so if you don’t have to have this one on vinyl, you won’t regret streaming it. The sound is strictly average, so I suggest only those that have to touch and feel the record shell out for the physical media.

You can stream the album on TIDAL here.

And should you want the album, you can purchase it from our pals at Music Direct here.